What are the best Squarespace templates for your business or ecommerce website?

Today, we are going to help you find out the best squarespace templates that you can use on your newly setup business or even e-commerce website.

We’ve handpicked the best of the best, of course.

First off, congratulations for choosing one of the most popular and cloud-based website builder/platform.

Not sure what is Squarespace?

Let’s clear that out too as well – skip this part if you are familiar with the tool.

Squarespace for your Website Platform

As mentioned before, Squarespace is one of the best cloud-based website platforms for the last few years that is fully hosted and managed by the parent company.

It uses the WYSIWYG editor, you know the one loved by beginners, and it makes it ultra-easy to use for creating amazing websites by simply using your creativity. The whole platform is created among the ease of use for starters and it offers intuitive customization tools and a library of various templates for squarespace.

At a pricing point of 12$/per mo., small business owners and freelancers simply love it. Of course, as your appetites grow, you`ll be able to move to more advanced pricing plans.

Key features:

  • Hosting, SSL Certificate and CDN included.
  • E-commerce Options
  • Email Marketing Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Has its own traffic analyzing tools.

The platform comes with pre-made themes and templates, and they have actually a pretty large directory of website demos that you can simply import and use in your website – yet, we are here to propose our hand-picked themes for Squarespace.

The Best Templates for Squarespace

Let’s dive in and select the best themes for your needs.

Ready – Template for Freelancers

This is an elegant and minimalistic Squarespace template made for freelancers or simply, professionals, that offers various services as web design, consultations, graphic design and much more.

The idea behind the layout is that it’s done to convert leads and attract new clients with optimized conversion points and call-to-action sections for appointment setting and scheduling.

Galapagos – Squarespace Template for eCommerce

This is a very, very, very minimalist type of design optimized for modern and fashionable e-commerce websites. It has different types of grid systems and layouts, and to use its purpose to the maximum, you need to have high-end photos of your products.

The theme comes with the basic ecommerce functions like product pages, quick view and quick add to cart – yet, it’s powered up with the sophisticated squarespace shopping cart system and payment processor.

Hyden – Squarespace Template for Digital Agencies

As our description says, Hyden is a specialized theme for digital agencies or any marketing agencies in general. With a bit of customization, you can optimize and expand the niche to similar studio-type businesses.

This is a modern template that you can use to put the highlights on the services, case studies or portfolio that your agency is offering. It’s simple yet very functional when it comes down to visitors that are coming to companies from this niche and market.

Its also powered up with an amazing lead generation system that can help you with onboarding clients to your CRM.

Pacific – The Squarespace Template made for Restaurants

This is a type of template that will make the visitors of your squarespace website end up hungry and commit to making an order through your website. Fully packed with amazing features that can enable your restaurant with making online table reservations and having amazing menus.

It comes with few pre-packed demo options for different types of restaurants or cafes, and various stock images that can get you started to get that tasty visual appeal of a restaurant website.

squarespace website

Carson – Squarespace Template about Fashion

Of course, we handpicked a theme for all the fashionistas! The growing trend for fashion bloggers is happening right now and it can’t be ignored – so, Carson is definitely a theme that you can use to power up your squarespace template game to another level.

It’s responsive for all devices and it has different types of sliders, blog layouts and interactive features.

The theme can be content based or graphic based, where you can get a different approach for each layout.

Foster Juice – The Squarespace Template for Small Production Businesses

The Fost Juice template is mostly used for companies that produce juices or beverages, or similar products – but if customized with a bit of creativity, you can use this template to promote any type of product that’s packaged.

Well, of course it can get you beyond the packaged products, but for the ease of use it is meant for this type of products. The theme is powered up with ecommerce solution and full checkout experience.

Heights – Weight Loss and Yoga Squarespace Template

This is a theme that is focusing on the fitness, weightloss and yoga niche. It’s optimized for businesses to get more members and expand their membership base. The simple and modern design will help your visitors to focus on getting results from your services and encourage people to sign up for the membership plans offered.

It can also be used for booking system by personal fitness trainers and yoga studios.

Alright! These were the 7 best squarespace templates for you to use on your personal or company website. We made sure our choices are not bias and that are definitely going to help you get higher conversions for whatever online goals are set on your website.

What did you choose? Let us know!

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