The Most Popular CMS for web design beginners – Today!

Even though it may seem like everyone is starting a website nowadays, the truth is that a lot of people underestimate the amount of work that starting a website can take. There is a lot more to it than just designing it and you also have to worry about maintenance, upgrades and so on.  If you are a beginner and you need a website, but you don’t want to or can’t spend a huge amount of money to have someone build you one, then you don’t have to worry about being left on your own, because there are some pretty great solutions for you and they are called CMS. These solutions are a great option for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of experience, so today we are going to talk more about them, give you some tips about beginner website building and show you some of the best CMS for web design beginners, so make sure to keep reading.

What is a CMS?

To start off, we want to tell you a bit more about CMS. It stands for Content Management System and it a type of solution that makes is possible for beginners that have no coding experience or experience with web languages to create a whole website from scratch, which is great. Of course, the fact that these solutions are so simple means that you won’t really get the best of the best in terms of design, and there really is no way for you to make any extensive changes to the design options, but you will still get a website that looks professional and that will represent you well in the eyes of your customers or readers.

Tips for beginners on building a website via CMS

Before we move on the CMS solutions for building websites for beginners, we are going to give you a few tips that you should keep in mind when you are designing your website.

  • Choose something really basic for your first design. This is a good way for you to really execute the design to perfection without going in over your head.
  • Look for inspiration online. This is something that should be pretty obvious, but looking at other websites that you like will help inspire you and give you a good starting point for your own.
  • Look outside the internet. There is inspiration everywhere you just have to look for it. Take a walk, look at some fine art and inspiration will come.
  • Have some content ready before you even start. This means that once you are done with the design you will immediately have something to put out to the world.

website via CMS

Now that we have given you these few great tips, we are going to move on to showing you some of the best CMS solutions for beginners that you have to check out.


If you ask people that know about these sorts of things what is the best CMS software, we can assure you that Joomla is one of the names that is bound to come up in the conversation. This is a solution that is not as simple as some of the other ones that we are going to talk about, and it may take a bit more work to figure out, however can easily say that this is one of the most flexible solutions out there. This is the perfect solution for anyone that has a need to manage custom posts, which means that it will really work great if you have a website that isn’t based on having a lot of text content. User management is another area where Joomla really excels and it even comes with multilingual support right out of the box, which is ideal if you live in a non-English-speaking country.


Now we are going to talk to you about a solution that you probably haven’t heard of, but we can promise you will love, and that is Serendipity. This is actually an excellent solution for anyone that has a small blog, or even needs a website for their small business and, from what we have seen so far, this is one of the easiest and most lightweight solution you can use. First of all, we have to say that this CMS platform is definitely not lacking any kind of feature just because we said it is lightweight. It will in fact offer you some of the best performance out there and that is all due to the built-in caching settings that it comes with. In terms of functionality, something that is great about the solution is that you can use different plugins and themes in order to really get the tools that you need.


This is another CMS solution for beginners that not a lot of people know about but we can easily say that it will provide you with some of the best blogging experience out there, so if that is something that you are looking for then definitely go for ImpressPages. The editor is very clean, simple and easy to use and it will actually allow you to add certain elements to your blog or business site that most other CMS solutions can’t do without extra plugins. The dashboard is also very nice and simple, modern and easy to use, making it the perfect option for any beginner. The final touch is a very intuitive drag and drop builder which will make putting a site together with a piece of cake.

There are a ton of different options out there for the best CMS builder for beginners, however we definitely believe that the ones we spoke about today are worth your time. Make sure to check them out, and hopefully one of them will work out for you and your needs.

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