Logo Design Trends: How to Include Them When Using a Free Logo Generator Online

New year, new starts, new business opportunities, and new design trends.

While a logo is the face of your business, it doesn’t mean that it has to stay exactly the same for ages. As a matter of fact, Fortune 500 companies use color psychology to improve the effectiveness of their logo. Also, brands like Google, Apple, Coca-Cola, Instagram, and others have updated their logos in order to adapt to current trends.

Giving your old logo a refresh or creating a new logo from scratch could be the thing your business needs to capture your audience’s attention this year.

In order to get the most out of your logo when using free logo generator online, keep these logo trends in mind.

7 Logo Design Trends to Follow

Using a free logo generator is the best way to create your business logo today. Even though the process is simple and requires you to choose a template, customize, and download, there are a few things you should know. For example, what makes on logo special? You should be familiar with the newest logo design trends so you can pay more attention to colors, shapes, size, and etc.

We present to you the newest logo design trends for 2020:

1.Modern Geometry

Once new trends show up, we automatically limit their potential. The perfect example is geometric design styles. They are known for being cold, mathematical, and boring. It is easy to define geometric logos, however, in 2020 there is this trend where designers are pushing the limitations by combining their creations with happy and vibrant colors and compositions.

Maybe this is something you can use for your own logo.

Dr.Cup’s logo is the perfect example.

This trend is all about giving logos a friendlier and warmer look. If you want a clean, minimal but powerful logo, customizing your logo design based on this trend is what you should do.

  1. Logos That Attract Attention

Created from the French term “trompe l’oeil” which means deceive the eye, this logo trend is all about attracting attention. Allow us to explain.

When going through ideas, playing with visual elements keeps your interest in design alive, right? Well, this practice, professional designers are using to stimulate their creativity. Also, this is a trend that will certainly dominate logo design.

Playing with perspective allows you to use your imagination and change what is considered appropriate in logo design, in a cool way.

EdgeBoard is the perfect example of this logo trend. This is a company that specialized in chopping boards.

  1. Intense Color

One of the best methods for a logo to help businesses shape professional and authentic relationships is storytelling but through color.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take an expert in logo designing or color therapy to really understand that red color evokes desire and passion. When a business’s story relies on color to express its identity, this trend may become complicated.

At that point, it all depends on whether the right color is used.

Choosing the right color helps businesses communicate with their customers more effectively. So, instead of using random colors, in 2020, the meaning of color is crucial.

Today, we are seeing companies focus more on using intense colors and conveying a message with each decision.

When using a free logo maker, choose colors that will make your brand stand out with its own happy palette.

  1. Focus on Minimalism

One of the most familiar logo design trends is minimalism. As a matter of fact, minimalism today is not considered as a trend anymore but as a necessity.

As logo designers continue to explore the art of stripping design, they are evolving the trend by focusing on more abstract concepts.

Minimalism is all about less details, less style, less shapes. It gives enough to create an interest, without complicating things. If you want to share a clear message, the minimal logo is the way to do it.

Here is how Kanue Productions adapted to this trend.

  1. Gradient Logos

Experts predict that use of gradients will significantly grow and will be a huge trend in 2020. By combining colors, logo designers are able to choose from a larger color palette. This helps them create something new, fresh, and unique.

Gradients are used to create powerful statements and designers today use bright and happy colors to bring out emotions. Gradient colors are adapted into moving GIFs, as well as, videos which are great for marketing your logo online.

One tip when choosing a gradient color palette – don’t just pick colors randomly. Choose colors that are close together (check the color wheel). This way, the colors can bleed into each other.

  1. 80’s Style

In the fashion world, there is this belief that what was once outdated is modern again. The same goes for logo trends. Graphic design in the 80s was all about striking patterns, bold colors, and maximalism. And guess what? In 2020, this trend is back.

Experts believe the 80s are going to have a big moment in the logo design industry this year.

This is quite a versatile trend and it is why people started adopting it in 2020. If you are not a fan of minimalism, this is something you can try. Add something retro to your logo and see what happens.

  1. Negative Space

Negative space is a very important trend that logo designers are pushing to its limits. When you take something away, you are pushing the area into a more decisive role in your brand presentation. The designs are created by those who believe that allocating everything is necessary until the point where design breaks down. Logos designed in this area leverage negative space.

Ready to Design with Free Logo Generator Online

Designers are finding more creative ways to experiment with logos and we see no reason why you shouldn’t do it as well. Are you ready to design with free logo generator and create your dream logo? Here you will be have the best tools to generate a logo, slogan free with Shopify.