Domain Name Availability: Why Go For a Short Domain Name

Many people would think that your business name is the only obvious choice for your domain. Yes, this may be true, however, if you are already an established business company in your industry, this is not necessarily the only option.

Choosing a domain can give your business a huge advantage online. The name can not only help you establish a professional brand image but can also help Google and other search engines associate your domain with your brand and the products or services you are offering.

Domain name availability is a big problem today because most of the good names are already taken. And we all know that simple and short domains are the best domains. So, how to find a simple and short name that is available for purchase?

Choosing a Domain Name: Expert Tips to Keep in Mind

Choosing the right domain name can give your company a good start online. Before deciding on your domain, here are a few questions to ask yourself – What does your domain convey to your customers? When hearing the domain, would your customers associate you with the product they are looking for? Does the name establish a certain link with your brand? What is the chance that random people typing in your domain on Google could make a mistake in spelling or writing? What if your domain is not available?

We recommend you to use Shopify domain name generator to search for available domains. All you need to do is type a domain name and the generator will inform you whether the name you want is available. If not, you will get a list of good domains that are available.

Here are a few expert tips to keep in mind when registering your domain name:


Your domain is a marketing decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Bear in mind that you are going to live with the domain for 5, 10 or 50 years and this will require for marketing brainstorming to get the right domain.

We recommend you to create a list of 5-10 words that best describe your business. What do you think that identify your business with your customers? The list is the starting point of your domain name search.

The Importance of Keywords

Keywords are terms that your visitors and potential customers use while searching for business, brans, products or services online. If your domain includes the keyword that best describes your business it creates an association with your potential customers.

Having a keyword in your domain name also helps your ecommerce store’s SEO. The best situation would be if your primary keyword is your domain name. The only problem is that most highly searched terms have been registered as domain names. In case your preferred keyword is not available, you can make a combination of your business name and your keyword.

Brand Appeal

Imagine your domain in an ad. Do you feel your domain has a certain recall value? Does your name has brand appeal? Are there any chances that your domain name could develop as a successful brand over time? For example, Google, Nike and Twitter are globally known names, but what these names even mean when their websites were launched?

The Spelling Problem

You need to think of ways in which your domain may be misspelled by your visitors and potential customers. Usually, when a name can be spelled in a few different ways, it is a bad choice.


Short is Cool

Be it Twitter, Yahoo, Nike or Google – these names are short, simple, and catchy. A short name that is easy to write and remember is the best names. The fewest words used, the less the chances are for someone to make a mistake typing your domain.

Significance of Short Good Domain Names

We’ve already concluded that a good domain name should be easy to spell, understandable, and short. It should contain less than 3 words and from five to fifteen characters. In order to get a good domain that is still available, you need to act fast. You need to choose the best and most relevant name from your current options. Keeping in mind that your products and brand image in which you deal can help you make a decision.

Benefits and Limitations of Having A Short Domain Name

  • Simple and short domains are easy to remember. Such names can improve the popularity of your website.
  • Short domains are easy to type. For mobile users, writing a short domain name is always easier.
  • There is no need to bookmark short domains as they are easy to remember.
  • With a short domain, the chances of writing mistakes get reduced.
  • Having a short domain can increase the chances of marketing and publicity.
  • A short domain with lesser characters and works will be unique and cool.
  • A short domain name will not give a clear picture of your company and it may confuse the customer.
  • A domain name that is short might not seem meaningful or relevant to the customers.
  • It is difficult and almost impossible to add a keyword in a short domain name.

A short and simple domain name has more advantages than limitations. Investing in a good domain can prove rewarding in terms of marketing and growth possibilities of your brand.

Domain Name Availability: Final Words

In case you are not able to find a good option for your website, it is better to look for a domain name that is for sale. There are lots of great auction sites where you can find short domains for a good price.

A number of domains are available for resale, making it easier to find a domain that is most suitable for you.

Some of the best domain marketplaces to check are GoDaddy, Flippa, Sedo, NamePros, NameCheap, Efty, eBay, BrandBucket, Above, and SnapNames.

You can use these marketplaces to find and purchase your desired domain name. All of them are super easy to use and navigate and have an excellent support for buyers. You don’t need to pay any extra costs or fees.

After making a purchase, you will receive free transfer to your domain registrar.


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